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Test Drive Meme #18

Welcome to Hadriel's test drive, and thank you again for your interest in the game! As always, our reserves page is here, and our applications page is here! Reserves open March 25th, and apps are open April 1st. Please remember that there is an app cap of 20 apps.

Two quick points here as well:
1. Any thread made in Hadriel's test drive will be accepted as the sole Action Log sample in the application.
2. All threads made in the test drive can be considered game canon, either through handwaving or through a shared mental experience while coming through the Door!

Test drives will be broken up into specific god mini-events, during which your characters can see how well they fare under the watchful eye of one of the gods. Choose wisely or just simply pick 'em all, and have fun!


[The Door brings in all that is chaotic and evil in the world. This may include you, may include the person next to you... and may include the monster behind you.

The only warning you get is the flapping of wings above you- leathery and noisy, not unlike a herd of bats, before you are descended upon by a creature with a long, sharp beak, beady eyes, and an appetite for blood. Unfortunately, you've come across a pterobuzzard from Stephen King's The Mist.

Despite the difficult to pronounce name, a pterobuzzards' job here is actually quite simple: to eat. With their large bodies, sharp claws, and savage beak, they can rip chunks of flesh from your body and feast on various entrails after you bleed to death. So that's... fun. Maybe you should run inside, where you could totally be safe, until you realize that one of them has the strength to shatter through a window.

Underground bunker, maybe?]


[Something is different about today. From the time you wake up, to the moment you look in the mirror, to the minute you greet your usually-annoying neighbor who you sort of hate. That difference is... love? Surely not- your cold, dead heart has been... well, cold and dead for an eternity!

And yet, you find yourself forgiving your own past mistakes, overcoming the obstacles that stand in the way between you and your acceptance of yourself and just... letting it be. You're a pretty cool person, you know, and you should appreciate yourself a little more! During this event, you're damn well going to, with some self love and acceptance.

Everyone else is on your Nice list as well, though- maybe you have a friend that you've been crushing on? That's dialed up to eleven, now. Or hey, that stranger has some cute shoes and you love them so much it hurts. All's fair in love and... love.

This is a mini-version of the beginning of our upcoming All you need is love event!]


[Breathe in, breathe out.

It's a pretty simple concept, but now that you're supposed to be focusing on your breathing, it seems like the most complicated thing in the world. How does breathing help with concentration? Are you breathing the right way? What are you supposed to be thinking about? Do these yoga pants make your butt look cute?

There's too many things to think about and clearing your mind is hard, but the good news is that you're not the only one in Tranquility's yoga class who's having troubles. There's familiar squirming and fidgeting from the people around you who are probably lack just as much chill as you and are having difficulty finding their center.

Whatever that means.

Maybe the person next to you looks just as lost as you are, or maybe their side crane pose is really on point and you want to ask for tips. Either way, whispering is allowed as you contort yourself into human pretzels, so chatter away!]
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Ashley | Until Dawn

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мarcн on, and ғear noт тнe тнornѕ

[ She'd been running from psychos and wendigos for hours, adrenaline burning through her body, sending her flight-of-flight response bouncing off the walls and her sanity plummeting so she knows it was pure, dumb luck that she managed to dive out of the way before that demon bird landed on her head. It had immediately arched back into the sky and nearly disappeared into the darkness above her all the while letting out an indignant croaking shriek at having been denied.

Ashley had no plans on being tonight's dinner and took off running, not once registering that this, wherever she was now, wasn't the tunnel she'd just been standing in, that there was no path carved in rock that she was following. It was all open space and a distant definition of some stone structure. Ultimately didn't matter, not with the sound of those gigantic wings flapping in the air behind her, sounding closer. She just needed to get away.]

Guys! [ She yelped, voice cracking with terror. ] Sam! Chris! Please!

ѕιlenт ιѕ an anagraм oғ lιѕтen

Be one with the universe. [ She muttered, trying to find her zen ] Just close your mind to distraction and breath in tranquility.

[ Yeah, this wasn't working.

Frustrated and none to comfortable, Ashley let out an explosive sigh, trying not to let a groan join it. Clearly she was not going to find any kind of relaxation pursing this method but she didn't want to disturb those around her, the ones that seemed to either be completely synced with this place's version of Buddah, or whatever, or were doing a better job at pretending they were. Well, most of them because she swears that person in the corner is outright sleeping on their mat.

She wonders what in the world possessed her to sign up for this. ]

My kingdom for an oversized sweater and a good book.


[Hit me with your best shot. Fire away.]
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[He had heard about the classes. Classes that focus on achieving inner peace and tranquillity. Now those are fairly big words for the young emperor's son, but he's heard his lord father speaking of such things with high regard.

If his lord father had strove to pursue and extol the virtues of tranquillity to his people, then shouldn't the young prince do the same? No matter how far he was from his homeland, the young prince will never forget his roots or the task that lay before him. He had a duty to fulfil, a demon to vanquish, his people and his father to rescue. He could not fail.

Still. It is intimidating to be the sole child in these lessons. He hoovers near the entrance, peeking in and watching in awe as the god (an actual!! god!!) assembles a variety of positions, looking as serene and still as the quiet pond back in his homeland. Occasionally he sneaks a peek at some of the other attendees, hoping to see some children among them so that he can join in without being the odd one out. But he'll ducks his head back behind the doorway if he thinks any of them are looking at him. Once he thinks the coast is clear, his innate curiosity emerges, and the little boy peeks out again, eyes wide as he looks out upon the rest of the crowd...

...until they make contact with a pair of eyes belonging to one of the ladies. The prince's eyes widen and he quickly ducks behind the doorway again. He hopes she didn't see him, he wouldn't want her to think he's being rude!
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sorry, just got back in from a vacay last night!

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[She's going to give up the ghost and just call the whole thing a wash because, really? Meditation is about the last thing her brain wants right now. It wants stimulation and sitting - well, lying - on a yoga mat trying to clear her head was doing nothing for her. It would be embarrassing to just take off, most likely drawing all kinds of unwanted attention from one not only the other "residents" that were taking this class but also the one leading it.

She's pretty sure that leaving early would result in godly frowns and deducted brownie points or something.]


[Yeah. Okay. So she wants to avoid that but she also wants to seriously avoid this session. It's doing no one, especially her, any good staying.

Ashley casts her eyes around the room to gauge whether or not anyone's actually paying attention to her and, fortunately, what she sees is promising. No one is actively looking at her, most have their eyes closed or...yeah, that person is definitely asleep. She could totally make a break f--

There's a kid in the doorway that's looking right at her. Well, was. Cute little guy looked right at her and made like Jerry and skedaddled out of sight. She's feels kind of bad about being amused by that. Well, she was looking for an excuse to leave...]

Hello? [She calls out quietly after making her way out off the floor and through the doorway, hoping the little guy didn't wander to far. Ash hoped she hadn't scared him off, especially if he was actually looking for someone that might be back there practicing their downward dog.]
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[ Sam and Chris are not the ones who Ashley finds once the tunnels empty out into the city. ]

- Ash? [ Hannah looks floored when the redhead emerges, holding out her hands in an effort to calm her friend. ] ... You're back?

[ Obviously. Her breath hitches as color floods her cheeks. Ashley had been running, running for a reason. With Hannah's own experience in the city, she can guess why that might have been the case. ]

Come with me. [ She stresses, beginning to move. ] We've gotta get somewhere safe. Okay?
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[Panic has long since overridden anything that doesn't keep her moving forward and away from the danger that still screes faintly behind her running form. The only logic that peeked through was the one directing Ashley further from that hellish creature and further still into an unknown territory that may or may not afford her sanctuary. Or lead her straight into the jaws of something even more terrifying than what she was running from.

The twists and blind turns she's been racing through have given way to another space that's not, again, the tunnels of the mine or even what she believes might be the sanatorium Ash and her friends had been trying to find a way into. It doesn't matter because all that's registering is the fact there are structures that might be buildings that could save her - They somehow ping safety, safety, safety inside the jumble of overwhelming anxiety and her legs pump a little faster towards them.]

H-Hannah! [Ashley barely slows but her course shifts sharply towards her friend. A friend that she knows is dead and gone, has been for over a year, but that knowledge is drowned out by a more primal awareness that her friend is out in the open and that thing is on the hunt for dinner.]

[A hand shoots forward, reaching for her, terrified that if she doesn't grab hold of the other girl she'll disappear like a specter and leave her. But it was Hannah. She wouldn't do that. Please, God! ] Yes. Han, we gotta move. Yes, oh my god.

Move, move, move! That thing's right behind me and it's angry, and I don't know how long I've been running -- [Rambling. She's definitely rambling. Her thoughts are scrambled and she just doesn't care.] We have to hide from that thing!
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forgive me for missing this. scenario 2

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[It's weird when someone leaves and comes back and doesn't remember what happened before. Ash doesn't remember helping Emily make a nice jar for Delight's fireflies, talking about ikebana as they worked on it in the park. She doesn't remember Emily saying it's done in silence and can be meditative.

She doesn't remember she was good at that.

Emily lets her do her thing with the yoga for a while longer, fighting back a laugh but not a grin at the sight. Once she's satisfied with what she's seen, she heads over and taps Ashley on the shoulder.]

You are so not good at this. We don't have good books here, but we have good coffee, so come with me before you embarrass yourself further.
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all's good. :)

[personal profile] explicative 2017-04-06 03:15 am (UTC)(link)
It's not fair. [Ash doesn't like being terrible at things, especially things that don't actually require much efforts but she has to agree, wholeheartedly, that she grade A sucks at this.] It always looks so easy on TV.

[She fidgets a little against the floor, not wanting to stay there but unable to deny that now that she's laid down it's actually comfortable. A little gross if she thinks about it too hard but kind of comfy. But the allure of both a much needed distraction and coffee isn't something she's going to pass up.

Ashley rolls to the side and pushes herself to her feet.]

My hero.
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Because they're professionals, you dip. They've been at it for years while you've been reading books and crushing on Chris.

[The words may be sharp, but Emily's tone is actually kind of fond. Just a little.

As Ashley stands, Emily ignores the rest of the room and heads for the door, stopping there until Ash catches up. Then, she leads the way back to Delight's temple.]

If you end up feeling sore after that, there's this guy named Henry Percy, one of the heads of the Guard -- he gives amazing massages.

[Emily has got to go in for another one.]
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[personal profile] explicative 2017-04-08 02:51 am (UTC)(link)
[One of these days she's going to learn to embrace the discomfiture and roll with it like a queen. It won't happen any time soon but you'd think her friendship with Emily, and Jessica for that matter, would have helped her practice doing just that.

Yeah, no.]

Rude. [Ash fired back quickly but quietly, after pressing her face between her hands to hide the old flush of nervous embarrassment that sent a flash of heat across the tops of her cheeks. She dropped them in favor of taking a playful swipe at Emily once she got close enough to make the potential hit.] Not untrue but still rude.

[She makes another pass at Emily's shoulder, laughing.]

Speaking from personal experience, huh? I'll keep that in mind but I get skeeved out letting someone touch my laundry so I think it's a hard pass on letting a guy put his hands on my body, even for a great massage.